Clinics and Services


We have a Community Midwife who attends the practice twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays to undertake one-to-one reviews during pregnancy.

A Booking Pack will be handed before the first appointment which informs you when reviews are due throughout your pregnancy. It is important that antenatal appointments with the GPs are also arranged and attended so we are able to make sure you are both well during pregnancy.

Detailed information of the antenatal journey will be provided by the midwife.

If pregnancy is confirmed, please organise a booking appointment ideally between 8-10 weeks. GP appointments are no longer required to start antenatal care but if you would still like general advice, you are welcome to book a routine telephone slot.

Private Medicals

The surgery is participating in non-NHS work through private medicals performed by the GP. The most common is the DVLA Medical although the practice is able to complete others including foster medicals etc.

Private medicals have a £130 fee which is paid straight after the medical is concluded. Payment can be made through cash or card and an invoice can be provided for your personal use. Please be aware that the charges can change.

A medical appointment lasts up to 30 minutes and you could be expected to produce a urine sample as well as height and weight measurement upon arrival.

Please note, private medical appointments are not offered each week therefore there could be a wait of up to 5-6 weeks in some cases.

For full, comprehensive details, you may book an appointment.


If this is an option you are exploring, it is recommended that you have a routine telephone call with Dr Adeniji, who fits coils, to acknowledge and confirm that this choice is the correct one for you. Should it be clinically indicated by the GP, you will be added to our waiting list.

You should expect to be called by the surgery when a clinic becomes available with two separate appointments. Part 1 consists of a swab test with the Practice Nurse whilst the fitting of the coil will be completed once the practice receives the results.

Please be aware that our clinics are usually held once a month and there could be a long wait for appointments.

Learning Disability Checks

A Learning Disability Annual Health Check consists of a yearly check- up with the GP and Practice Nurse, lasting normally  between 40 minutes to an hour. The team will take a close look at how a patient is doing and will provide them with the opportunity to ask any questions of anything that may be worrying them.

At a Health Check the Doctor or Nurse will check things like:

  • Weight and height
  • Eyes
  • Blood Pressure
  • Tummy
  • Chest
  • If you smoke
  • What exercise you do
  • Ask for a urine sample
  • Ears
  • Ask what medicine you take

You can also find more useful services on the NHS Northampshire CCG website: